The Idea

Live Like Local is a brand new and innovative destination management platform, which provides unique experiences by inducting you to the real world of the locals and the local lifestyle. LLL is founded on the principles of sustainable tourism and experiential tourism. Our cultural legacy, as it’s inherent in every single moment of the modern lifestyle, is the core of LLL and the key characteristic of this entire project. We invite you to feel our region’s  vibrant  character,  live  it,  experience  how  tradition and mythology revive nowadays and become part of it.

The project is implemented in the Magnesia regional state, at the heart of Greece. More specifically, it is running in the city of Volos, Mount Pelion and its coastal area. The timeless character of the area as a destination and its multifaceted presence in cultural events from ancient times until today are the elements that make it an ideal, memorable travel destination choice. It is guaranteed that Magnesia will magnetize you!

We have recorded the offered infrastructure of the area and we developed ones, where was needed, with the cooperation of the “crème de la crème” of local professionals, authorities and operators, in order to create and offer reliable, organized and competitive themed trips for your acquaintance with the authentic Greek soul.

We unified the “puzzle” of our region and deliver it in a functional, as well as, simplified way. What makes Live Like Local so unique, is that this project stems from the deep knowledge of the local scenery, the pure love and respect for the motherland and the high sense of responsibility for this whole venture that only the locals can guarantee. We invite you to join us and live like the locals do!

The whole project is presented step by step in the eight desplayed categories. We have gathered updated and accurate information about the area, in order for you to live this unique experience with us!

The Team

Our DMC (Destination Managment Company) having multi annual experience in the tourism sector, in combination with our deep knowledge of the region blended with the “creme de la creme” of local professionals offers unique travel experiences not only in the Greek land, but also in the Greek spirit.



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