Ambrosia Fish

Thanks to their unique nutritional value and its beneficial impact on the human health, fish has won one of the highest places in the Mediterranean diet's pyramid.



In 1928, Skourtopoulos Antonios founded the company Ambrosia in Oraioi in Euboea, having as main production the fishing. In 1946, he decides to transfer to Volos continuing the production of only the fish morsels. In 1971, the company succeeds in the production of preserved sardines in four tastes, which are exported to Germany and to other countries abroad later on. In 2003, while celebrating the 75 years from its foundation, the company released a product in vintage form called “anchovy oregano from Volos”. Nowadays, the company is named Vialco-Skourtopoulos S.A using fish from the Pagasetic and the Euboean gulfs reassuring the quality and the taste for over 80 years, producing oil preserved sardines, various sauces, as well as morsels, such as anchovy filets and pasta.

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