EPSA Beverages

An extraordinary lemon epic, form the myth which accompanies the magic history of Volos soft drinks and juice industry EPSA from generation to generation since 1924.



The history of EPSA starts from the brothers Ioannis and Georgios Kosmadopoulos from Zagora, who due to the lemons overproduction, the raise of lemonades as the dealing of the traditional lemonade by sellers from Asia Minor, decided to build the factory of juice and beverages production. Thus, the factory was build, in Pelion architecture, whereas the man responsible for the secret and famous recipe for lemonade is the German scientist Otto, making many locals and foreigners adore it. Until today it keeps its unique taste, offering beyond the lemonade other beverages as well: such as orange juice, ice tea, juices, sanguine, lemon cola. Constantly searching for new products and innovative ideas, it launched the first beverages using stevia, instead of sugar.

Moreover, the company EPSA has transformed the building into a museum, to have the possibility the adorers to meet well its history. The visitor can see a piece of the current productive processing and all the products, to learn the history of the glass bottle as well as to meet the machinery that used in the past in the beverages production. A visit to the museum is upon request from September to May.

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