Feta Cheese

The history of cheese started, by finding the first reference at the legend of Cyclops Polyphemus, who is said to be the first feta cheese maker.



Feta cheese is in every house and restaurant-tavern list, as it is a necessary ingredient for most of the Greek foods, such as salads, pies-snacks and it is included in every Greek authentic recipe. Cook it, grate it, fry it, roast it, eat it with your food, it will not disappoint you. It is considered to be healthy, due to its boiling during its preparation and as a result it preserves its nutritional value. It is prepared with sheep and goat milk, without cow milk. In 1996 it was registered by the European Union for the Protection of Appellations of Origin. Its taste is incomparable and it is stored in brine for two months. Apart from feta cheese, known are the kasseri cheese, graviera, manouri, cream cheese which are produced in Thessaly. Among these, kasseri cheese and manouri are registered in the Protection of Appellations of Origin. Years ago kasseri cheese was the second in consumption cheese product in Greece.


  • The cheese consumption corresponds to 27 kilos per person, with most dominant the feta cheese.
  • Moreover, do not forget to taste the feta cheese prepared only with goat cheese.
  • Enjoy watermelon with feta cheese, as your pizza as well.

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