Made of sesame, claiming to be the healthiest sweet



Halva comes from the Near East, traveling to greek houses with the refugees from Asia Minor, probably at the end of the 12th century. It is a variety of completely different sweets, which everyone can taste it with variations.

Halva is made of sesame, claiming to be the healthiest sweet. A product that we have included in our nutrition, especially during fasting. It is full of vitamins and antioxidant properties, as it reduces cholesterol; it has anti-aging properties and contributes to a better quality life.

A halva variation is halva from Farsala, which is made with niseste (corn amyl). The halva bought in market places is unique in taste and nutritional value, while it has taken its name from the summer market place in Farsala. Apart from this region, you will find it in all feasts in Pelion, as at the coast of Volos.

In Volos the Company preparing halva called Papagionopoulos holds the tradition from 1919 until today. The mill the horses used to turn might not exist today; however, the recipe remains untouched with the same traditional way, without preservatives and chemical processing.

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